Jaider Esbell: "Amamentação", 2021, acrylic on canvas, 110 x 200 cm, photo by Filipe Berndt

Brazilian artists participate in The Armory Show 2021

(New York, NY)

For The Armory Show 2021 – an international art fair in New York that takes place between September 9 to 12 –,  Galeria Millan presents Epistemological Structures, an artwork selection of nine artists: Maya Weishof, Feliciano Centurión, Jaider EsbellRegina ParraThiago Martins de Melo, Miguel Rio Branco, Henrique Oliveira, Emmanuel Nassar and Tunga.

Based on the concept of epistemology – as it investigates the origin and the limits of human knowledge – the project intends to investigate the paradigms of the construction of a single and restricted art history, answering directly to the pre-conceived dominant notions embedded in it. The duality subject and object can have multiple configurations in the art field, considering the artwork’s production context and it’s itinerary. The discursive procedure that makes art history possible is a great epistemological debate. In this regard, there is a task of confronting the debate as a counterflow measure, in order to construct an autonomous artistic thought, one that constitutes the main axis of this project.

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