Orquestra Multiétnica, photo by Bruna Brandão

Online music festival presents indigenous artists from all over Brazil

With peoples from the North to the South of Brazil, the indigenous plurality will be highlighted during the third edition of the Indígenas.BR programe, an online event organized by Centro Cultural Vale Maranhão (Vale Maranhão Cultural Center) from September 4th to 12th. This year, the indigenous songs are under the spotlight, with the screening of music videos, documentaries, group conversations and unseen material of artists from all over Brazil, including three short-film documentaries that were produced exclusively for the festival. Ibã Huni Kuin (Isaías Sales), PIPA Prize 2016 nominee, will present the movie “Espírito da Floresta” (Spirit of the forest), made from one of his researches. In the production, the comments about the chants made by Ibã create a narrative which connects image and music, besides portraying the creation of the MAHKU collective – Huni Kuin Artists Movement, a group that got the attention of museums abroad and in Brazil.

The festival will count with attractions from 16 different peoples, from the five regions of Brazil: the Guarani (SP); the Tikuna (AM), the Kanela Ramkokamekrá and the Guajajara Tentehar (MA), the Wapichana (RR), the Huni Kuin (AC) the Kambeba and the Tupinambá (PA);  the Kaingang (PR); the Guarani Kaiowa (MS) and the Wauja and the Yawalapiti (MT); the Kariri Xico, the Pankararu and the Fulni-ô (PE);  and the Mapuche people from Bolivia.

With the curatorship of the musician and researcher Madga Pucci and of the journalist and poet Renata Tupinambá, the festival’s goal is to disseminate the plurality of musical productions made by indigenous artists from different parts of the country.

Check out below a quote from Madga:

“Those are aesthetics that scape from our fast and fragmented perception of the world. They are ancestral matrices of hundreds of peoples who lived here, much earlier than the arrival of the Europeans. They come from Xingu, Solimões River, from the forests of Acre, from the hinterland of Alagoas, from the plateaus of Mato Grosso do Sul and from many other places. But there are also songs from today, created by young people vigilant of current realities in movements of fighting for territories, in connection with contemporary languages ​​such as rap, hip hop and electronic music. All of this configures the multifaceted scenario of indigenous music in Brazil”.

During all days of the event, after the audiovisual screenings there will be chats with the participating artists of the festival about multiple current topics. All of the attractions can be watched through the Youtube channel of Centro Cultural Vale Maranhão.

To access the complete schedule, with all the times and details, click here.

oz guarani, photo by @gaiapassarelli

Indígenas.BR – Indigenous Music Festival
From the 4th to the 12th of September, 2021
At: Centro Cultural Vale Maranhão’s Youtube channel

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