“Playful Geometry” features Laura Lima

Laura Lima’s installation Bar Restaurant (2010) is in dialogue with works from the collection of the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst in “Playful Geometry”.

Geometric shapes as bodies in space, as objects on the wall, painted on canvases or in the form of found everyday objects: the exhibition Playful Geometrbrings together works from a collection based on a basic geometric vocabulary. The focus is on the performance-activated installation Bar Restaurant(2010) by Laura Lima.

Lima puts objects with different references from art history together at a table and lets them drink a beer together. Among the guests there is a noticeably large number of geometric bodies, such as spheres, cubes or cylinders, whose empty glasses are carefully refilled by a person acting as a waiter. Lima creates an experimental set-up that explores the space between reality and illusion and, in a humorous way, shakes the art-historical canon.


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