Jonathas de Andrade participates in the B3 Biennial

(Frankfurt, Germany)

From 15 to 24 October, the 6th edition of the B3 Biennial will offer the world’s film, art, and media professionals an international platform for innovation, exchange, and visibility. The festival is aimed at students, graduates, professionals, and the art-, film- and media-loving public. B3 2021 will take place as a hybrid edition. A total of around 80 contributors from 25 countries are taking part.

For the art program (B3 Moving Image Forum), 40 works by 25 artists from 20 countries have been selected, including Jonathas de Andrade. The conference program will feature 50 speakers from 10 countries. The B3 film program presents around 35 short and feature-length films from 20 countries, including 32 international and German premieres.

B3 Moving Image Forum: the art program of B3 2021

Identity is the focus of the B3 Biennial 2021. In its art program, “B3 Moving Image Forum”, 25 artists will shed light on this subject, showing 40 works and asking the question: What does identity mean for the individual, what for the collective? What connects us, and what becomes binding? What is the role of narration and its artistic implementation in this context?

The works from the “Moving Image Forum” can be experienced online and at 2 venues:

At MyZeil shopping center, a new partner of B3, 25 artworks from the art program “B3 Moving Image Forum” will transform 5 vacant stores into temporary galleries. The goal is to give people the opportunity to rediscover public and inner-city space through art. Among the works are some from a new B3 project: The “B3 Talent Forum“ is dedicated in a special way to promoting emerging creative talent.

In addition, 10 works by artists from the “B3 Moving Image Forum” will be shown in THE ARTS+ area at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Since 2018, the B3 Biennial, the Frankfurt Book Fair, and the creative festival THE ARTS+ have been strategic partners.

B3 Biennial, with Jonathas de Andrade
From October 15th to 24th, 2021
Schlossstraße 31, 63065, Offenbach am Main, Germany

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