Regina Parra, "Aurora", 2020, oil on paper, 30 x 28''

“Boundaries”: group show presents Regina Parra and other contemporary painters

(New York, NY)

Boundaries presents works by contemporary painters Angela China, Angela Gram, Orange Li, Regina Parra, Sarah Rupp, Buket Savci and Cydney Williams. The group show opens on November 15, 2021, at the VillageOne Art, a gallery in New York.

Check out below more about the exhibition through excerpts from its text:

“These paintings focus on borders comprising the formal aspects of representation, tracing the fault lines between the figure and the natural world. Where figures are depicted, the focus in the composition is often on concrete boundary lines. Bodies are fragmented and faces abstracted, while scenes depicting the natural world incorporate dreamlike imagery bounded by the lines defining them. These paintings foreground the contrast between expectation and reality, with psychologically charged scenes simultaneously alluring and mysterious. 

[…] Regina Parra embraces the unknown in quixotic paintings. Works like ‘Aurora’ challenge the typical notion of a portrait by creating realistic-looking paintings that frame the subject in Mannerist angles and frozen in unexpected situations. Artist Buket Savci collapses figuration and pop culture in paintings such as ‘Entangled’. Nostalgia and pleasure merge and overlap in these works, where bodies seek to find one another but are distracted by material objects permeating their everyday environments. Painter Cydney Williams paints uncanny, sweeping scenes of natural landscapes featuring surprising elements. Water, land and sky seemingly confront one another, creating a complex sense of space and complicating the horizon line. 

Longing and denial form a palpable presence in this group exhibition, with artists incorporating abstraction into representational frameworks and vice-versa. From titillating portraits to hybridized, abstracted fauna, the natural and the human are shown but not revealed. The defining lines delineating our relationship to the environment and our interactions with one another remains palpable throughout these paintings”.

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Regina Parra, “Electra”, 2021, oil on paper, 30×24”

“Boundaries”, group show featuring Regina Parra
Opens on November 15, 2021

VillageOne Art
150 West 25th Street, #403, New York, NY, 10001
Tel: +1 917 410 6893

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