Artwork by Rodrigo Andrade

“Criaturas Ornamentales”: Rodrigo Andrade’s first solo show in Mexico

(Mexico City, Mexico)

Galeria Hilario Galguera and Galeria Millan present Criaturas Ornamentales, by Brazilian artist Rodrigo Andrade. The exhibition is Andrade’s first solo show in Mexico and features around 38 artworks produced between 2015 and 2020, including paintings from the “Criaturas Ornamentales” (2018) and the “Pixo” (2018) series, as well as several monotypes made with oil on rice paper. These works are based on arabesque frames and patterns, which, when simplified and synthesized, represent irregular organic figures and compositions that tend to symmetry, establishing similarities with the mitosis of living microorganisms.

Andrade’s practice is permeated by the materiality of paint, as well as references on the history of painting. His vibrant form of expression manifests itself mainly through painting, but he also transits through mediums such as drawings, engravings and objects. In the 1980s, the artist joined the group Casa 7 and, under the influence of German neo-expressionism, his work appears in large formats, with expressive brushstrokes and strong colors. In the decade that followed, he alternated between figurative and abstract works and, starting in 1999, began creating works in which thick layers of oil paint, in geometric forms, are applied on the canvas. He displayed his matter paintings of color and form in São Paulo’s public spaces, and it is in his contact with these environments that his power resides: there is a permeability between the concentration and the containment of the elements present in his works and in the environments in which they were displayed.

In the formal aspect, the artist intentionally allows pictorial “accidents” with the goal of highlighting the qualities of painting as a material. In Andrade’s words,

“the ornament becomes a written language, an ornamental alphabet. It all begins by drawing a line on the paper, the same way that these creatures start to look like arabesque strokes. The distance between an ideia and the stroke is a line as short as the one between an idea and a shape. A line creates a drawing in seconds and, in minutes, many drawings can be produced; until, in the afternoon, it is possible to develop a drawing system”.

Artwork by Rodrigo Andrade


“Criaturas Ornamentales”, solo show by Rodrigo Andrade
From November 3rd, 2021, until January 20, 2022

Galeria Hilario Galguera
Calle Francisco Pimentel 3, Col. San Rafael, Mexico City
Tel. +52 55 5546 9001

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