Eduardo Berliner, Untitled, 2020, collage on paper, 102 x 110 cm, unique

Eduardo Berliner’s solo show presents works that were recently acquired by PIPA Institute

PIPA Institute maintains its mission to create and share a collection that is representative of contemporary art produced in Brazil. Since 2010, we acquire or commission works by artists who have participated in any edition of the Prize and, until the edition of 2020, the finalists of the Prize and the winners of PIPA Online donated artworks for the collection, which focus on the diversity of the Brazilian production, with its heterogeneous historic, political and social narratives.

We have the pleasure to announce the recent acquisition of 5 works by the artist Eduardo Berliner, drawings that now integrate the “Displacement” collection. The ideia of “displacement”, which functions as a guiding term for the selections made, has, in fact, many definitions. It may mean the – mandatory or spontaneous –  movement of objects or people from a place to another. There is a feeling of urgency and a need of self invention associated with displacements – between countries, bodies, sexuality, identity, artistic languages, and supports.

Berliner was a finalist of the Prize in 2011 and was nominated for the editions of 2010, 2014 and 2018. Check out the 5 artworks throughout this post.

Eduardo Berliner, “Tubling”, 2020, watercolor on paper, 105 x 113 cm, unique

The acquired works are being presented, alongside other artworks, in the solo show Eduardo Berliner: drawings, open to visitors until January 24, 2022, at the Lasar Segall Museum, in São Paulo, Brazil. The exhibition is curated by Giancarlo Hannud and it can also be visited on the internet, through an Online Viewing Room organized by the Casa Triângulo gallery. The show counts with more than thirty of Berliner’s drawings, many of them unseen, which reveal his image construction processes and strategies. As informed on the OVR,

“[The drawings] record his everyday impressions and interests, acting as a visual diary in which elements of his artistic vocabulary simultaneously organize and break down. Stripped of the virtuosity of his paintings, they reveal his creative daily life, the patient construction of his disturbing narratives, bringing us back to reality with new eyes, freed from the obstacles and limitations imposed by oil painting”.

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Check out another excerpt of the curatorial text, in which we can understand a bit more of the private universe constructed and represented by Berliner:

“Through a remarkable technical and colorist virtuosity, Berliner stamps disturbing images on his canvases, inhabiting the borderline space between the dream and the real, the imagined and the watched, constantly questioning, on the surface of his paintings, the distinctions between these registers. The estrangement caused by these hybrid images makes us look at the world from new interests while the limits of our perceptions are questioned, in an action that produces images full of possible narratives. Stories that sometimes suggest nightmares, dreams, almost forgotten memories or dark desires. […] For him, painting is an open field for the development of intimate obsessions. His drawings, it must be said, form the foundation on which his painting work rests. They are the sensitive bones of his private universe. Less known than his canvases, they reveal the artist’s creative process, opening up to the viewer the submerged field of his work”.

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To visit the exhibition’s Online Viewing Room, click here.

“Eduardo Berliner: drawings”, solo show
Curated by Giancarlo Hannud
From October 9, 2021, until January 24, 2022

Lasar Segall Museum
Rua Berta 111, São Paulo – SP, Brazil
Tel. +55 11 2159 0400
Open from Wednesdays to Mondays, from 12 to 6pm
Free admission

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