GokulaStoffel, "Curupira", 2021, oil and oil stick on canvas, 76 x 112 cm, courtesy the artist and Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, photo: Eduardo Ortega

Gokula Stoffel presents a selection of works in Artissima XYZ

The Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel gallery participates in Artissima XYZ — Present Future with a solo project by Brazilian artist Gokula Stoffel.

Artissima is Italy’s most important contemporary art fair, with galleries from around the world participating every year. In addition to the fair, Artissima is also composed of three art sections, headed by a board of international curators and museum directors, devoted to emerging artists (Present Future), drawings (Disegni) and rediscovering the great pioneers of contemporary art (Back to the Future). Starting from 2020, the three curated sections are virtually hosted on the Artissima XYZ digital platform, accompanied in 2021 by a physical collective display within the exhibition pavilion.

Artissima XYZ will be visible online from 4 to 9 November, and on physical view in three group shows installed at the fair from 5 to 7 November. It includes 3 sections, 6 curators, 30 artists for 30 participating galleries, 10 for each section, narrated in a range of multimedia content: photographs, podcasts, critical writings, self-produced videos and interviews created by the editorial team of Ordet. The fair is curated by Artissima Srl, a company connected with the Fondazione Torino Musei.

The presentation of Gokula Stoffel’s works, especially conceived for the fair, is comprised by 8 new pieces giving a glimpse into the artist’s interpretation of the themes of mystery and the unknown, as proposed by the section’s curators Fernanda Brenner and Ilaria Gianni. Stoffel’s practice deliberately inhabits the apparent contradiction between the physical presence of a painting and the volatility of the digital image, and the irrefutable three-dimensionality of her works establishes a permanent tension between object and representation.

In a modus operandi radically opposed to linearity, Stoffel overlaps thoughts and moods as she combines materials of different origins. In her paintings, she incorporates traditional tools and techniques, as well as various mundane supports in creating surfaces that capture a continuous flow of images of different sorts: portraits, landscapes, cutouts, and abstract textures. Working between allegory and abstraction the artist gives form to mythological creatures of Brazilian folklore (Curupira, 2021), ancient Egyptian death masks (Faiyum, 2021) and mystical swirling flames (Fogo, 2021). The outcome is an exploration of the infinite potential of the painting medium, from the classic genre of oil painting to weaving (Paisagem queimando, 2021), and sculptures in biscuit (Gesto, 2021).

To visit Gokula’s page on Artissima XYZ’s website, click here.

Gokula Stoffel, “Caverna”, 2021, oil and oil stick on primed cardboard 54 x 47 cm, courtesy the artist and Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, photo: Eduardo Ortega

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