View of the exhibition "Postmodernism Brazilianness", 2021, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, photo by Jaime Acioli

Virtually visit the group show “Postmodernism Brazilianness”, which is in its last days

The group show Postmodernism Brazilianness, on display until November 22 at the CCBB RJ (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), celebrates the centenary of the 1922 Modern Art Week and sheds light on the traces, remnants and achievements of the movement brought, over the last 100 years, to the visual arts of Brazil, and reflects, from the present time, on a process of reviewing and repairing this context.

The exhibition, which is divided in thematic segments (Freedom, Future, Identity, Nature, Aesthetics and Poetry), draws attention to the various characteristics of contemporary Brazilian art whose existence is due, in part, to the legacy of the cultural artistic daring proposed by Modernism. Nuances that the public will be able to see in the works of 51 artists from different generations who make up the body of the exhibition, including Adriana Varejão, Anna Bella Geiger, Arnaldo Antunes, Maxwell Alexandre, Cildo Meireles, Paulo Nazareth, Berna Reale, Gê Viana, Jaider Esbell, Lenora de Barros, Daiara Tukano, Floriano Romano e Tunga.

Beyond the in-person visit, CCBB RJ launched a remote interactive visiting platform for the show. Through a camera system with 360º movement and a zooming tool, the visitor can navigate all over the CCBB space (ground level, first floor and the Roundabout) and check out the works displayed on the exhibition.

The platform also allows the user to click on each of the artworks, being able to expand the images and providing information options, in text or audio (available in Portuguese and in English). The visitor can also take advantage of informations about the curatorship, designed by Tereza de Arruda, and the group show’s data sheet.

To virtually visit Postmodernism Brazilianness, click here.

View of the exhibition “Postmodernism Brazilianness”, 2021, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, photo by Jaime Acioli

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