Gentil Wall 38 | Denilson Baniwa, A Gentil Carioca gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Denilson Baniwa makes a tribute to Jaider Esbell

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

A Gentil Carioca is presenting in Rio de Janeiro, since November 26, its thirty-eighth Parede Gentil [Gentil Wall], a special edition in memory of Jaider Esbell, who became a star in the Makunaimí cosmos 1979 – 2021, a tribute by Denilson Baniwa.

As written by the gallery,

Denilson travels through the worlds experiencing his artistic processes and, based on the anthropophagy and autophagy of art, seeks to understand the Other – whether human or not. Indigenous, communicator, artist born in the Amazon Indigenous Movement, Baniwa was born in Mariuá, Rio Negro.

Jaider Esbell – artist, curator and indigenous Macuxi activist –, was and will always be a name of great, magical and urgent importance for contemporary art in our country.⁠

Since 2005, A Gentil Carioca has invited several creators to develop special works on the gallery’s external wall, located in the Historic Center of Rio de Janeiro, which remain on view for approximately four months. Among artists, collectives and curators, Parede Gentil [Gentil Wall] has already received names such as Anna Bella Geiger, Paulo Bruscky, Marcos Chaves, Lenora de Barros, Neville D’Almeida, Guga Ferraz, Carla Zaccagnini, Nico Vascellari, Gabi Gusmão, Maria Nepomuceno, Arjan Martins, OPAVIVARÁ!, Carlos Garaicoa and many others. For each edition, the gallery also invites a collector to support and grant the project, in order to transform a collection of works of art into something public. As stated by the gallery, “A good collection of art legitimizes its time and allows a greater number of people to have access to the work”.

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If you’d like to visit the work in person, A Gentil Carioca is located at Rua Gonçalves Lédo, 11/17, sobrado, Centro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

See the whole wall below:

Gentil Wall 38 | Denilson Baniwa, A Gentil Carioca gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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