"saxa loquuntur", 2021, HD film from 16mm, projection, 13 min, variable dimensions

Kinoscope exhibits a film by Maura Grimaldi and a text-dialogue between the artist and Leandro Muniz

Between the months of February and March, the Kinoscope platform, a new online channel that presents contemporary art productions connected to experimental audiovisual, an initiative by the artist Beto Shwafaty, exhibits saxa loquuntur, Maura Grimaldi‘s new short film that narrates, in dialogue form, the encounter of Elizabeth with a geologist. As they seek to intertwine interests and consolidate an intimate relationship, they demonstrate their attraction for the lithic world. In an essayistic way, they go through concepts in the field of natural sciences to look at the migratory movements and to establish analogies between human and rocky bodies.

The film deals with the geological universe as a methodology and as a theme, seeking a polysemic approach to stones and paying attention to the ways they have been represented in literature and visual arts at different times. Likewise, the film investigates different areas of knowledge such as ecotheory, environmental studies, new materialisms, post-humanism, media archeology and geology of media, to question economic and social models that legitimize the exploitation of certain bodies (living and non-living). The project borrows concepts from geology – such as erratic blocks, deconformity, unconformity, sedimentation, bedrock, metamorphism, among many others – in order to slowly create, just like the stones, a fiction.

Together with the exhibition of the film, there’s a text-letter between Maura Grimaldi and Leandro Muniz. As in the video, the text goes through various areas of knowledge, going from geology to psychoanalysis, transiting between the critical essay, the narrative about the film’s construction processes and the affective dialogue.

Watch the video and read the text here.

“saxa loquuntur”, 2021, HD film from 16mm, projection, 13 min, variable dimensions

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