Héctor Zamora, Ruptura, 2016 Créditos Ding Musa

Marilá Dardot participates in “Sonho do Homem que Sonhava, o Sonhado Acordou”

“Sonho do Homem que Sonhava, o Sonhado Acordou” is the first exhibition held by the students of the second year of the Master’s Degree in Curatorial Studies at the College of Arts, University of Coimbra.

Until March 27th, the exhibition will be on display at the Millennium bcp Gallery, at the Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea do Chiado, bringing together works by nine artists, in an unprecedented collaboration with the UmbigoLAB platform and incorporating the archive of the Círculo de Artes Plásticas de Coimbra.

“Sonho do Homem que Sonhava, o Sonhado Acordou” invites us to reflect on the vicious circles of thought, at the same time that it summons the night – which hides and reveals – based on works by Alberto Carneiro (Arquivo CAPC), Bárbara Bulhão, Clara Imbert, Héctor Zamora, Marilá Dardot, Margarida Alves, Pedro Pedrosa da Fonseca, Rita Gaspar Vieira and Zé Ardisson.


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