Beto Shwafaty, "The End of Work", still of the video

Beto Shwafaty’s new video on the Kinoscope platform focuses on the transformation of work

The Kinoscope* platform is now presenting The End of Work. Focusing on the theme of the “transformation of work,” Beto Shwafaty‘s new video takes as its starting point the comparison of conflicting aspects of historical and cinematic material collected by the Archivio Nazionale Cinema Impresa (Italy): the promises of modernism and industrial modernization related to improvements in life, and the consequent failures and transformations of these promises when scientific and automated devices question the presence of human beings in the workplace.

What are the impacts of these transformations on workers’ bodies, subjectivity, and social lives? What are the transformations in terms of community life and productive activities for human beings, for care practices and what is being called the new care economy? The End of Work develops as a hybrid production, situated between the filmic essay and the video collage. In it, the fusion of these ideas with texts, narrations, archival material, and looped soundtracks sketch and articulate various atmospheres and readings on these subjects.

The movie will be available between March and April, 2022. To watch it, click here.

* Kinoscope is an online channel that features contemporary art productions located between the fields of visual arts and experimental time-based productions. The selection of works is based on factors intrinsic to them, such as historical relevance, experimentalism, conceptual quality, artistic radicality and connection with the present, always aiming to participate and contribute to reflections on the various current socio-cultural situations that surround us. The channel also aims to expand spaces and access to culture, as many of the works broadcasted by the channel are shown only at film festivals, art shows and the like, which have relatively limited access.

“The End of Work”
3-channel video installation, 2019
HD video, sound, color, 20’30″
Directed by Beto Shwafaty / Editing: Patrik Thomas/ Music: Thingamajicks/ Narration: Samuel Fischer-Glaser
Archival film material from the Archivio Storico Nazzionale Cinema Impresa (Italy)
Commissioned by the project Beyond Archive (production by CareOf, Milan), with the support of the ORA!

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