"Mundo Mix", 2021, photographic record of artistic action

Keep up with Julio Leite’s and Guilherme Ginane’s recent production

Julio LeitePIPA 2011 nominee, and Guilherme Ginane, PIPA 2020 nominee, have recently updated their pages with new works and new biographic information. In this way, PIPA’s public can keep up to date with the production of the artists who were part of previous editions of the Prize.

Check out what’s new on their pages:

The two share on their pages part of their trajectories, images, texts and/or videos about their works. These spaces work as a catalog of Brazilian contemporary art and can be updated by the artists at any time. Therefore, if you participated in any edition of the Prize and would like to update your page, please contact us at conteudo@premiopipa.com.

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