“Tort(guerr)illa”: Marilá Dardot’s project in Mexico City

(Mexico City, Mexico)

Tort(guerr)illa is a viral action by Marilá Dardot based on her research in the historical archives of feminism in Mexico. Fem, La Revuelta, La Correa feminista, CIHUAT and La Boletina, feminist magazines from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s, were consulted at the Portal of Historical Archives of Feminism of the Center for Research and Gender Studies of the UNAM (CIEG).

Dardot selected five phrases or text extracts from these magazines to print them on tortilla and taco paper and distribute them in different establishments in Mexico City. The different public points and delivery places make up a map and a network of collaborations, allowing the phrases and their slogans to penetrate the daily life of the kitchen and the domestic sphere of the home.

Marilá Dardot (Brasil, 1973) lives and works in Mexico City, and holds a masters in Visual Arts from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, 2003. The artist uses various materials and mediums ranging from videos, photographs, artist books, collages, sculptures and actions to large-scale and site-specific installations. Her work generally takes language, books and writing as a formal and conceptual contribution. She translates literary, philosophical and journalistic references to an expanded material and sensory territory, exploring other ways of perceiving texts and narratives. Some of her projects include participating, sharing and collaborating with artists or the public, generating structural changes in a certain collective space, cultural references and an experience of interaction beyond its materiality.

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