Meet the 66 nominees of PIPA Prize 2022

Throughout this week, we published daily bulletins, revealing the nominees of the 13th edition of PIPA Prize. There are 66 artists – amongst which 52 were nominated for the first time – chosen by this year’s Nominating Committee members.

After being nominated, the artists who wishes to take part in the 13th edition of the Prize must confirm their participation through the email and send the material requested by the PIPA Prize coordination by the scheduled deadline in order to be able to run for PIPA Prize and PIPA Online.

  • PIPA Prize – The PIPA Prize Board will choose four artists from the nominees, among those who confirm their participation in PIPA Prize 2022. These four Awarded Artists will participate in an exhibition at Paço Imperial, in Rio de Janeiro, between September and October this year, and in a virtual exhibition on the Prize’s websites and social mediaproducing new content for the event. Each one will receive a donation of R$20,000.
  • PIPA Online – It happens in two rounds and each of the two most voted artists receives a donation of R$5,000. This year’s edition is scheduled to happen between July and August.

This year the Prize decided to focus on a more recent production, nominating artists who must have had their first solo or group exhibition no longer than 15 years ago. The Prize’s goal is to be a boost for artists at the beginning of their career who develop distinguished works.

View the complete list of PIPA Prize 2022 nominated artists:
(Click on the names in blue to see the page of artists who participated in previous editions)

Alan Adi
Alice Quaresma
Aline Motta
Ana Mendes
Ana Sario
Ana Vaz
Andrew Silva
Atelier Sanitário
Bruno Moreschi
C. L. Salvaro
Carolina Krieger
Cecília Cavalieri
Charles Lessa
Clara Moreira
Clarice Gonçalves
Coletivo Coletores
Coletivo Quariterê
Davi de Jesus do Nascimento
David Almeida
Diambe da Silva
Effe Godoy
Elaine Pessoa
Eugênia França
Fabio Morais
Fefa Lins
Fernanda Azou
Flora Leite
Gabriela Massote Lima
Gabriela Mureb
Glicéria Tupinambá
Gustavo Caboco

Henrique Montagne
Ieda Oliveira
Joelington Rios
Jota Mombaça
Julia Debasse
Juliana Dos Santos
Juno B
Kika Diniz
Laryssa Machada
Luana Vitra
Luiz 83
Marcio Marianno
Maria Laet
Maria Macedo
Mayana Redin
Paula Garcia
Raphael Escobar
Rebeca Carapiá
Ricardo Barcellos
Rose Afefé
Sallisa Rosa
Samantha Canovas
Santidio Pereira
Sy Gomes Barbosa
Talles Lopes
Tamikuã Tixhi
Taygoara Schiavinoto
Uiler Costa-Santos
Uyra Sodoma
Vitória Cribb
Xadalu Tupã Jekupé
Yermollay Caripoune

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