Sandra Cinto presents eight new paintings across the night sky

(New York, USA)

Sandra Cinto presents her ninth exhibition at the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, on view in New York through May 7, 2022. For Melody to the Stars, she continues to explore the potential of drawing to create intricate images and immersive environments, often using the line as a gesture to deconstruct the physical and conceptual boundaries between painting, sculpture, photography and installation. Delicate and repeated motifs – stars, waves, cliffs, bridges, and swings, among them – comprise a rich vocabulary of symbols and lines that construct lyrical landscapes, hovering gently between fantasy and reality.

Armed with little more than a very fine brush, the artist renders mesmerizing seascapes, rainstorms, and celestial skies to create seemingly weightless, immersive environments. In all her work, Cinto conjures great tensions and contradictions: formally, between surface and depth, abstraction and representation, but also thematically, between joy and sadness, fear and comfort, innocence and guilt. Pushing the limits and possibilities of drawing, Cinto’s pictographic motifs build into complex narratives, evoking stories of human hardship and redemption and serving as a metaphor for the human odyssey.

Eight new paintings are on view in the main gallery, inviting the viewer on a journey across the night sky. Conceived as a single cohesive installation of works, these nocturnal landscapes feature no single or defined horizon line, but rather offer a complex play of depth through varying layers of blue tones and the finely detailed motifs. The paintings provide a surface of intricate images and details where the gaze can literally float, giving the viewer an opportunity to meditate upon the poetic immensity of space, and the infinite depth of the cosmos. Spaced evenly around the gallery, the paintings maintain a strong sense of interconnectivity, together and yet apart, a community of individuals.

Melody to the stars, with Sandra Cinto
From Apr 2-May 7, 2022

521 W. 21st Street, New York, NY, USA


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