Josi, "From the series: Decantações, fervuras e temperamentos", 2022, black bean water and saffron on paper

Discover new pages and video interviews of PIPA 2022 participating artists

After being nominated for PIPA Prize, each artist is entitled to pages on the Prize’s Portuguese and English websites. These pages together compose a catalog of Brazilian contemporary art, for they are filled with images of works, videos, texts, CVs and other content the participants wish to send. The Prize team encourages the artists to keep their pages up to date and is always available to receive material. In addition, PIPA participants are also invited to record a video interview with Do Rio Filmes, thus having another space to share their works and their creative processes.

The participating artists were nominated by the Nominating Committee, composed of art professionals from all over Brazil, in which each member can send up to three names. From the 66 artists nominated for PIPA Prize 2022, 61 are participating in this edition, 49 of which are first-timers.

Like the previous year, the Prize decided to focus on a more recent production, nominating artists who must have had their first solo or group exhibition no longer than 15 years ago. The Prize’s goal is to be a boost for artists at the beginning of their career who develop distinguished works.

In this post, we present a few of the 61 participants of PIPA 2022. Click on their names to access their pages and to know more about their production:

Froiid is a multidisciplinary artist and curator, Master in Fine Arts by the Graduate School of Arts (Programa de Pós-Graduação em Artes – PPGARTES/UEMG), and bachelor in Fine Arts by the Guignard School of Fine Arts (UEMG). He was a resident artist at Bolsa Pampulha 2022, and at LABCultural BDMG 20WQ, winner of the award Décio Noviello of Fine Arts, by the Clóvis Salgado Foundation. Froiid was a part of a large number of exhibitions, such as: “Boi de Piranha, Brazilian Zodiac” (2021); “É Hora da onça beber água” (Palácio das Artes, 2020-2021); “Onde a coruja dorme” (Galeria de Arte BDMG Cultural, 2019-2020); “EmMeio” Exhibition (Brasilia’s National Museum, 2018); International Festival of Photography (2017); “Copa do Mundo” (Sesc Palladium, 2014), amongst many others.

Video produced by Do Rio Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2022:

I had my childhoodin Carbonita -MG, in Vale do Jequitinhonha. (I grew up)Among others, from there I carried pequi dust, twisted weeds and pitch dark dripped with prayers. My family left for Caeté, in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte, and from the daily commute to work, I traced drawings.(of the daily coming and going of work)I graduated in Letters from UFMG, became a teacher and said so many times that occupying any stage was the right of any and all people that I ended up listening to. I graduated in Fine Arts at the Guignard School-UEMG and I am raising a boil of joining myself whole, from a braiding of knowledge heard, witnessed and inscribed in the musculature of my hands: various crafts, painting, laundry, spinning, writing, drawing, cooking, ceramics. With these trainings I am unraveling and weaving the recipes of occupying times and spaces in the movement of my subjectivities.

Video produced by Do Rio Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2022:

Uiler Costa-Santos (1983) is a visual artist and educator in the city of Salvador / BA, where he lives and works. His research proposes, through photography and the study of images, an interlocution between the imaginary of the landscape and the policies of redistribution of the sensitive by the abstraction. His production uses the image as an aesthetic vehicle, providing the body with different experiences of perception from common and everyday spaces, giving back possibilities of political-geographic imagination. Since 2017, the artist has dedicated himself to the “Sizígia” series, a research carried out through aerial photography of the Itaparica channel, a region on the coast of Bahia, where he follows different reliefs and movements of the tide and builds new ways of apprehending the local landscape. He has collaborated with vehicles such as National Geographic Brasil and National Geographic Traveler UK, Four Seasons, Salvador’s Tourism Board, among others. He is a guest columnist for the Iphoto Channel and the Portuguese blog Fotografia DG and, since 2015, he has been teaching photography courses with an emphasis on technique and poetic research. His artistic work is represented by Paulo Darzé Galeria (BR), Babel (BR/ USA) and São Mamede (PT).

Video produced by Do Rio Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2022:

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