"In Depth" (Minefields) / Angola Series #7”, 2018, mineral pigment printing on Hahnemulle Matte paper, edition 1/5 +1PA, 110 x 72 cm

“In Depth (Minefields): Angola and Bosnia”: Alice Miceli’s solo show curated by Luiz Camillo Osorio

(Porto, Portugal)

Until June 23, 2022, the Escola das Artes in Porto, Portugal, presents the solo show In Depth (Minefields): Angola and Bosnia by the Brazilian artist Alice Miceli, curated by Luiz Camillo Osorio, PIPA Institute’s curator. Both series on display are part of PIPA Institute’s collection.

To know more about the exhibition, check out below the text Camillo wrote (originally in Portuguese):

“The work In Depth (Minefields), by Alice Miceli, is a project that has been carried out over the last few years, exploring territories that have gone through bloody conflicts and that continue to kill even after peace is declared. The underground mines keep exploding there. The work consists of four sets that complement each other (one in each continent): Cambodia, Bosnia, Colombia and Angola. Two of these series will be exhibited at the Escola das Artes, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, in Porto – the ones from Bosnia and Angola. Showing this work at a time like the current one, when a war with nuclear potential develops in European territory, more than urgent (politically), is scary (existentially).

There is no drama in the images, they seem prosaic and at the same time strange and intriguing landscapes. If the viewer walks quickly by them, they won’t see anything. The danger always lies there. The imminent threat is in the details. This work unfolds a question that was already very dear to the artist’s previous project, on Chernobyl – to find some visibility for what concretely threatens us and is not perceptible by the eye (or the camera). How to transform this invisibility into an image?”.

– If you’d like to know more about the artist and her work, you can read this conversation between Alice and Camillo, from 2016.

– Also, here you can find more content about the Angola series. Alice shared some thoughts concerning these works when she participated in “Closer to PIPA: the artist speaks in the Institute collection”.

– Alice was also featured in PIPA’s Podcast. You can listen to it here (episode number 6 – the audio is only available in Portuguese).

– To learn more about PIPA Institute’s collection, click here.

In Depth (Minefields): Angola and Bosnia”, solo show by Alice Miceli
From 5 May until 23 June, 2022

Exhibition Room from Escola das Artes
Rua Diogo de Botelho, 1327, 4169-005 Porto, Portugal
Tue – Fri, 2 to 7pm
Free entry

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