Listen to “Art and psychoanalysis”, with Lula Wanderley

The new season of the PIPA Podcast is now available: “Art and psychoanalysis”.

After two seasons talking about different themes of contemporary arts, the PIPA Prize launches a special season with psychoanalysts, artists and psychiatrists about the intersections between arts and clinic. How do these two areas intertwine? How does art help us to think about identity issues?

In the second episode, Lula Wanderley, artist and psychiatrist, comments on the experience of working with Nise da Silveira and contributing with Lygia Clark in the transposition of the Relational Object into a psychotherapeutic proposal with schizophrenics in psychiatric hospitals. He also talks about the creation, together with some friends, of Espaço Aberto ao Tempo — one of the first manifestations of contemporary psychiatry in Rio de Janeiro — where research is carried out in the treatment of psychoses with art as an instrument. In the field of visual arts, he does research with digital images and makes small films.

Listen to the conversation in full here.

Presentation: Mariana Casagrande
Edition: Alexia Carpilovsky
Visual creation: Carla Marins

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