Yuri Firmeza, "Nada É", 2014, video still

Yuri Firmeza participates in the online exhibition of video art “An Uncertain Future”

The online exhibition An Uncertain Future [Um incerto porvir], organized jointly by FUSO – Lisbon International Videoart Festival and Videobrasil Online, brings together recent works by Portuguese artists – as well as foreign artists based in Portugal – which reflect their preoccupation with the world’s uncertain future. The show launched on April 25th and will be available until June 26th.

Yuri Firmeza, PIPA 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016 and 2018 nominee, is participating with the work “Nada É” [Nothing Is], from 2014. On the show’s website, the following words where shared concerning the artist: “The scathing and ironic Yuri Firmeza creates potent and unconventional images that challenge power relations in art and in the world at large”.

The FUSO award-winning artists featured in this online exhibition comprise a potent panorama of the Portuguese-speaking art scene, exploring issues that are essential to contemporary art, such as the relationships between humans and the environment, memory and place of belonging, fiction and reality. Taking distinct approaches, the artists carry out transdisciplinary investigations that contribute to the widening and enrichment of the discussion surrounding the conflux of contemporary artistic praxis and other areas of activity and thought, offering a wide range of perspectives on our complex and seemingly deadlocked present.

By combining languages and media that echo the uncertainty of the present and by sketching out a kind of environmental futurism, the works featured in this exhibition attest to the potency of Portuguese-speaking art scene and to the remarkable power of the artists’ transdisciplinarity, while also evidencing the vital role played by institutions such as Videobrasil and FUSO, created with a view to identifying and supporting the production of art in environments that lack proper structures of promotion and dissemination.

You can visit the exhibition and watch the videos here.

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