Caripoune Yermollay, “Touatou royal hawk”, 2018, Adaminã / Canson paper 200g/m² and single-point pen, 29,7× 42 cm

Discover new pages and video interviews of PIPA 2022 participating artists

After being nominated for PIPA Prize, each artist is entitled to pages on the Prize’s Portuguese and English websites. These pages together compose a catalog of Brazilian contemporary art, for they are filled with images of works, videos, texts, CVs and other content the participants wish to send. The Prize team encourages the artists to keep their pages up to date and is always available to receive material. In addition, PIPA participants are also invited to record a video interview with Do Rio Filmes, thus having another space to share their works and their creative processes.

The participating artists were nominated by the Nominating Committee, composed of art professionals from all over Brazil, in which each member can send up to three names. From the 66 artists nominated for PIPA Prize 2022, 61 are participating in this edition, 49 of which are first-timers.

Like the previous year, the Prize decided to focus on a more recent production, nominating artists who must have had their first solo or group exhibition no longer than 15 years ago. The Prize’s goal is to be a boost for artists at the beginning of their career who develop distinguished works.

In this post, we present a few of the 61 participants of PIPA 2022. Click on their names to access their pages and to know more about their production:

Ana Mendes is 37 years old, artist, documentary filmmaker and holds a master’s degree in Social Sciences. She works as a multimedia photojournalist in Brazilian media outlets, such as Repórter Brasil, Amazônia Real, Agência Pública, The Intercept Brasil and National Geographic Brasil. She collaborates with the main indigenous and indigenist organizations in Brazil, such as APIB (Association of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil), ISA (Socio-Environmental Institute) and CIMI (Indigenous Missionary Council). Internationally she has published in GK (Ecuador), Neus Deutschland (Germany) and the Washington Post (USA).

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Yermollay brings us stories of the Karipuna people, interpreting cosmologies with intimacy and presenting new forms for the creation of contemporary indigenous art. Yermollay Caripoune (1976) was born in the Indigenous Land Uaçá, in the village Santa Isabel in Oiapoque (Amapá, Brazil). Belonging to the Karipuna people, his work is inspired by indigenous mythology, rooted in their existential universe, transporting materials and ancestral techniques to a worldview where the real and the imaginary merge.

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Clarice Gonçalves is a visual artist and single mother, lives and works in Taguatinga (Federal District, Brazil), and holds a B.A in Visual Arts from the University of Brasília. Since 2005, she presents her pictorial research in solo and group shows, fairs and awards throughout the country and abroad. Her production addresses themes such as socialization, sexuality, motherhood and animality and their respective performances within the social context as a reflection of her poetic research around her bodily experiences. Her main medium of materialization is painting, although the performative processes have been increasingly part of the creation of these images in painting through dance, video and photography. Clarice is a member of the matriz collective, an art collective formed by mothers artists from Distrito Federal, in Brazil, that develops urban interventions in the city.

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Eugênia investigates the human contradictions and ambiguities, especially intolerances and violences related to the inequality of forces and gender. She moves between her artwork and her job as a social worker, which affects her overall perception of the world. She fuses what she sees, hears, understands and feels before the other’s and her own pain. She links and visually embodies her feelings and perceptions so she doesn’t get used to them. She uses the uncertainty and unpredictability of the materials and supplies to build her visual artwork – which allows her to absorb randomness and incidents that empower her production.

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laryssa machada is a visual artist, photographer and filmmaker. Born in Porto Alegre – RS, Brazil (1993), currently living in Salvador – BA, she builds images as rituals of decolonization and new narratives of present/future. She studied Journalism, Social Science and Arts; and learned a little more from the beautiful cadence of the Samba. Her works discuss the construction of an image about LGBT’s, native people, Afro-Brazilian culture – walking through “Brazilian deinvasion” as a practice of visual education.

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“Luiz 83 is the stage name of Luiz dos Santos Menezes. Born in 1983 in the city of São Paulo, he works and lives in this city. Self-taught, his training derives from the experience acquired on the streets of the city as a ‘pichador’, activity that offered the beginning of a plastic vocabulary that has been refined from researches that the artist develops with a considerable degree of inventiveness in more conventional mediums, such as drawing, painting and sculpture. His professional experience as an assembler of art exhibitions also offers him the opportunity to remain closely in touch with works of classic and contemporary character, opportunity that results in a knowledge that is sensitively assimilated. In his works, it is possible to notice a concretism of a very peculiar type and undoubtedly sophisticated in the formal solutions and in the conceptual and of a POP nature arrangements, trait also perceived through a chromaticism that generally favors bright colors of intense luminosity. The artist has also dedicated himself to performances where he questions the social place of Black people and thematizes the relationship of the body with his artistic doing and interactions with the city. The artist participated in several solo and group exhibitions, among which is the “Z” solo show in Tato gallery and the group shows ‘Street Art Trends in the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture’ and ‘Pretatitude: insurgencies, emergencies and affirmations in Afro-Brazilian contemporary art’ in SESC Ribeirão Preto, São Carlos, Vila Mariana and Santos”.
Claudinei Roberto da Silva – Curator

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In 2018, she began to develop the Terra Afefé project, rescuing memories of her childhood in the interior of Bahia for the field of art and life. The work deals with the construction of a micro-city and proposes experiences and artistic immersions in an integrated way, which aim at themes that contribute to racial, gender, social and ecological agendas. The work also unfolds in drawings, paintings and installations. She was awarded at the Salon of Visual Arts of Bahia in 2012, and, among the group exhibitions, stand out: “XII Bienal do Recôncavo”, “Esquizópolis”, “VIII Bienal do Recôncavo”. Rose also participated in the artistic residence “Muros: Territórios partilhados”, in Fortaleza (Ceará, Brazil).

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Talles Lopes is an artist and architect who graduated from the State University of Goiás (UEG). He lives and works in Anápolis, a city in the interior of the state of Goiás, located between the planned cities of Goiânia and Brasília. Based on a revision of archives, atlases, architectural projects and exhibition catalogues, the artist has been investigating the landscape built on the periphery of modern thinking in Brazil, as well as the suspicious relationship between the imagination of modernity and colonial structures.

He participated in shows such as the XII Bienal Internacional de Arquitetura de São Paulo at CCSP – Centro Cultural São Paulo (2019), the “to-and-fro” (Vaivém) exhibition in the Bank of Brazil Cultural Center, and the 7th edition of EDP nas Artes (2020) at Instituto Tomie Ohtake. More recently, he was a resident artist at the El Despacho studio in Tenerife (2021) and the Delfina Foundation in London (2022).

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