Image: Performance by Eleonora Fabião, “azul azul azul e azul: azul 18”, 2016. 18:00h. Walk from the Bispo do Rosário Museum to the Historical Center of the Juliano Moreira Colony. Illuminate the path with 7 lamps in different shades of blue. In the middle of the center of the Historical Nucleus, the US VIM Jacket, suspended on a platform and protected under a dome, is waiting. Walk together back to the Museum. Contributors: Dominique Arantes, Vinicius Arneiro, Gunnar Borges, Lucas Canavarro, Elilson, Thiago Florêncio, André Lepecki, Luar Maria, Gabriel Martins, Dieymes Pechincha, Elisa Peixoto, Rúbia Rodrigues, Adriana Schneider, Miro Spinelli, André Telles and Mariah Valeiras. Co-realization: Bishop’s Museum of the Rosary. Exhibition of the Virgins in Shoals and the Color of the Auras, Bishop’s Museum of the Rosary. Photo: Jaime Acioli. Printing on matte paper mounted on PVC; 60 × 26 cm

Listen to Arts and Psychoanalysis with Tania Rivera

The new season of the PIPA Podcast is now available: “Art and psychoanalysis”.

After two seasons talking about different themes of contemporary arts, the PIPA Prize launches a special season with psychoanalysts, artists and psychiatrists about the intersections between arts and clinic. How do these two areas intertwine? How does art help us to think about subjectivity issues?

Our fifth episode is with the psychoanalyst and professor at Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) Tania Rivera. Tania is the author of the books O Avesso do Imaginário, which received the Jabuti Prize for Psychology/Psychoanalysis in 2014, of the book Arte e Psicanálise, and also of Anthropophagic Psychoanalysis (identity, gender and art), launched last year, among other titles. She was the curator of the exhibition Lugares do Delírio, which was on display at the Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR) and at Sesc Pompeia between 2017 and 2018.

Listen to the conversation in full here. This episode is only available in Portuguese.

Presentation: Mariana Casagrande
Edition: Alexia Carpilovsky
Visual creation: Carla Marins

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