Vivian Caccuri, "Mosquito Shrine 3", 2021

“Mosquito Revenge”: Vivian Caccuri’s multimedia exhibition in Denmark

(Askeby, Denmark)

Kunsthal 44Møen presents Mosquito Revenge, the first solo show in Denmark by Brazillian artist Vivian Caccuri.

Mosquito Revenge is a multimedia exhibition that retells the story of the European colonization of “the new world” with mosquitoes as the main characters. In this story the insect is seen as a paramilitary force, referring to the power of tropical nature that is disturbed by new artificial structures, poorly planned dams, sugar plantations and slavery. As a result of this overall catastrophe, mosquitoes become ubiquitous and deadly.

The exhibition grows out of Vivian Caccuri’s long interest in medical histories, and her study of eighteenth-century records of diseases in the Western Hemisphere, whilst giving continuity to her practice focusing on sensory perceptions, especially sound as a physical phenomenon and its social, historical and political context.

“Mosquito Revenge”, solo show by Vivian Caccuri
From June 26 until September 4, 2022

Kunsthal 44Møen
Fanefjordgade 44, 4792 Askeby, Denmark
Wednesday – Sunday, 11 am – 5pm


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