Ivan Grilo participates in “MUNTREF Collection – CHAPTER I”

More than 20 artists participate in “MUNTREF Collection – CHAPTER I”, a group show at Muntref, in Argentina until October 23rd.

Fragility and solidity, evanescence and resistance, transience and permanence, are aspects that are read expressively through the materials chosen by each artist to carry out their work -light, gauze, lace, ink, prints, paper, leather, wood, stones, metals, wires-. It was chosen to inhabit this selection of works – some more linked to the problems of contemporary migration, others more linked to existential questions – in the headquarters of the old Hotel de Inmigrantes, putting them in tension with this unique site that inevitably connotes them. In this way, contemporary art offers a fragmented account of aspects of our present that will be resignified from the perspective of each one of those who come to the rooms to think about a continuous present., without leaving aside, of course, the layers of stories that reside in them, since as we know (with Walter Benjamin): images have more of a past and future than those who look at them….

The participating artists are Leila Alaoui (MAR/FRA), Reza Aramesh (GBR-IRN), Mohamed Arejdal (MAR), Iván Argote (COL), Carlota Beltrame (ARG), Christian Boltanski (FRA), Hassan Bourkia (MAR), Adriana Carambia (ARG ), Claudia Casarino (PRY), Martín Cordiano (ARG), Diana Dowek (ARG), Gabriela Golder (ARG), Iván Grilo (BRA), Anne Marie Heinrich (DEU/ARG), Peter Johansson (SWE), Marco Maggi ( URY), Marina Papadopoulos (EGY), Bernardí Roig (ESP), Graciela Sacco (ARG), Mariana Schapiro (ARG), Lucas Sere Peltzer (ARG), Mariana Tellería (ARG), Clorindo Testa (ITA), Carlos Trilnick (ARG ), Andres Waissman (ARG).

“MUNTREF Collection – CHAPTER I”
 Av. Antártida Argentina S/N, 1104 CABA, Argentina
From June 2nd to October 23rd, 2022
Tue-Sun, from 11 am to 6 pm


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