The group show “Field Works” addresses environmental problems from various artistic representations

(Santiago, Chile)

The group show Field Works seeks to address environmental problems from various artistic representations and to become a space where different local and international visions can be found. Taking as its starting point the Expedition to Chile magazine, a publication from the 70’s on interdisciplinary and coordinated work between science, art and illustration, the exhibition combines different approaches and interpretations of nature.

Field Works also presents other scientific records, such as drawings and notations by the expeditionary Alexander von Humboldt, along with works made in various media by Chilean contemporary artists such as Máximo Corvalán-Pincheira, Josefina Guilisasti, Bernardo Oyarzún and Gaspar Aprilot (along with Jorge Rowlands) and international artists such as Hélène Binet (Switzerland), Henrik Håkansson (Sweden), Pierre Huyghe (France), Marcelo Moscheta (Brazil), Anne Noble (New Zealand) and Nicole Schuck (Germany). In addition, the show exhibits the work and scientific observation of Reinaldo Vargas (lichenologist), Juan Larraín (bryologist) and Pablo Sandoval (mycologist), under the coordination of Fundación Chilco.

With a joint curatorship of Pablo Brugnoli, architect, Master in Cultural Heritage and interim executive director of the La Moneda Cultural Center, Jorge Godoy, architect, academic and photographer and the CCLM team, the exhibition responds to a work of more than a year crossed for the reflection on coexistence when thinking about environmental problems from territories, climates and species.

Additionally, Field Works has the advice of Emanuele Coccia, one of the most influential philosophers of today, whose work is recognized for its innovative approach to the link between the theories of the imagination and the nature of living beings. Author of The Life of Plants and Metamorphoses, the academic of the School of Higher Studies of Social Sciences in Paris.

“Field Works”, group show featuring Marcelo Moscheta
From August 26 until January 29, 2023

Centro Cultural La Moneda
Plaza de la Ciudadanía 26, Santiago, Chile
Pacífico Room, Level -3
Tuesdays to Sundays, 10 am to 6.30pm

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