Clarice Gonçalves, "Hypostatic", 2015, Oil on canvas, 80 x 80 x 4cm

Clarice Gonçalves is selected to the online exhibition ‘This is Essential Work’

“Is it possible to create networks of mother artists and activists to support and encourage one another to continue the necessary work of forging change? How much is the work of social reproduction valued in our world? Nurturing, feeding, bearing, and caring work is crucial to the survival of humans everywhere, yet the world rarely perceives it as work”. These are some of the issues presented by the This is Essential Work exhibition, an online show from West London University, in UK.

The artists come from Brazil (including Clarice Gonçalves), Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, (London via) China, (New York via) New Delhi, Nigeria, and more. The works of art question familiar social constructs and barriers, topics that are common discourse in the academic circles. The selected artists gather different historical experiences across class, cultures, and geographical space and time.

This Is Essential Work is an online open-access intersectional feminist exhibition initiated by academic mothers and creators, Michal Nahman (UWE, Bristol) and Susan Newman (Open University) in response to their experiences and interdisciplinary research on the commodification of breastmilk and forms of exploitation of women’s bodies and labour.

Visit the online exhibition on this link:

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