EU SOU UMA ARARA, Rivane Neuenschwander and Mariana Lacerda. (C) Eduardo Ortega

Rivane Neuenschwander criticizes the impact of Amazonian deforestation upon its indigenous peoples on “Ciclo Serralves”

(Serralves, Portugal)

This solo exhibition, “Ciclo Serralves”, is Rivane Neuenschwander‘s first in Portugal. It is centred around her most recent film – “Eu sou uma arara [I am a Macaw]” (2022) – which will have its global premiere in Serralves. The exhibition is curated by Inês Grosso, Chief Curator of the Museu de Arte Contemporânea, and is open from September 20th to April 23rd.

Made in collaboration with filmmaker Mariana Lacerda, this medium-length work is a critique and reflection on the impact of Amazonian deforestation upon its indigenous peoples, at a moment of particular political and social tension. This work is also the outcome of a long period of research and a series of actions in São Paulo, where dozens of figures inspired by the flora and fauna of Brazil were paraded through the streets of the city.

Heir to the historical legacy of the post-war avant-garde movements, from the Neo-concrete to Tropicália, Rivane Neuenschwander is one of the most celebrated names in contemporary Brazilian art. In her work, the artist makes use of a variety of different mediums and media to create a unique universe exploring narratives on a diverse range of themes, such as language and time, literature and popular culture, psychoanalysis and art, nature and society, politics and philosophy, fear and desire. One of her most iconic works, Eu desejo o seu desejo [I Desire Your Desire] (2003), a compilation of “desires” reminiscent of Senhor do Bonfim Ribbons/ Brazilian wish Bracelets, will be placed in the Chapel of Serralves Villa.


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