View of the PIPA 2022 exhibition, photo by Fábio Souza

Watch the video of the “PIPA 2022 Awarded Artists” exhibition’s setting with interviews with the artists!

As part of the PIPA Prize, the artists that compose the exhibition are interviewed by Do Rio Filmes to be featured in a video of the exhibition’s setting, in which we can see a bit of the steps that led to the final result. In the video, the artists talk about their works and research themes, and they comment on the Prize’s importance for their careers.

Josi talks about her process that she calls “reverse-quarar”, through which she sees the potencial of colours in the stains. It was like this that she started to use the water from black beans to paint, observing the different colors that appear from various cooking points of the grain. The artist also presents ceramic pieces that unite two types of weaving, clay and crochet, putting these different knowledges in dialogue.

The Coletivo Coletores duo was formed in 2008 by Toni Baptiste and Flávio Camargo, born from the interest of researching different ways of occupying the city, taking this space as a theme and as a medium, mixing art, technology and urban intervention to think about memory erasures. Bandanas, videomapping, photographs, videos from the NFTs universe and a music video are some of the creations that can be seen in the Terreiro room.

Vitória Cribb works with audiovisual, creating short looped videos and science fiction narratives to think about the relationship between the human being and the machine, mainly focused on how we relate to technological devices and connectivity. The short film she brings to Paço Imperial reflects on the loop of content and the loop of violence that imprisons many people. The artist also let available to the public printed copies of her text “Programmed Spontaneity”.

UÝRA, who defines herself as plant-person, indigenous, trans person of two spirits, unites in her practice her knowledge of different sciences with an ancestral knowledge. For the exhibition, the artist presents photographs of images perceived in the holes created by the spaces between the top of the trees and the sky in the forest: they are “mirações” (“mirations”), animals that she noticed when looking up, in the forest, in an specific moment, just like what happens when we see shapes in clouds. She also prepared a handwritten text on the wall, and displays photoperformances.

Watch the video below (don’t forget to activate the subtitles): 

The show can be visited until October 30th!

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