“Concretos”: group show in Tenerife featuring Brazilian artists

(Tenerife, Canary Islands)

The Tenerife Espacio de las Artes exhibits, until January 8, 2023, Concretos, an exhibition curated by Gilberto González and Pablo León de la Barra. The group show features Talles Lopes, Rafa Munarriz, Pablo Accinelli, Andreas Valentín, Josep Vilageliu, Federico Assler, Nancy Holt, Guy Tillim, June Crespo, Jane & Louise Wilson, Alexander Apóstol, Marcelo Cidade, Pérez y Requena, Esther Gatón, Adrien Missika, Clara Ianni, Céline Condorelli, Federico Herrero, Andreas Angelidakis, Abraham Riverón and Cyprien Gaillard.

Within the TEA program, architecture as materialization of an image has a central role. By resorting to cement as an element on which to support relationships between works, we are aware of the apparent discursive insubstantiality. However, by circumscribing it to a specific period of late modernity, a series of connections linked to capital flows and political processes are established. As a material of enormous ductility, it allowed a plastic renovation of architecture while at the same time it meant an emancipation from stylistic canons, on the other hand it supposes the access of layers of the population, especially in the urban area, to self-construction processes with their own programs in relation to the transforming capacity of the material.

The irruption of brutalism and all its neo variants, however, come to coincide in Latin America with the beginning of the end of the democratic processes that are the prelude to neoliberal programs. Paradoxically, in Spain they come to assume the embodiment of opening processes that, however, strengthen the program in the same neoliberal way. The exhibition presents a constellation of artists who, through concrete -cement- analyze the processes of social bankruptcy and the reinforcement of capital until they lead to neo-feudalist processes.

This exhibition is a co-production between TEA and MUSAC, Museum of Contemporary Art of Castilla y León.

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“Concretos”, group show
From October 7 until January 8, 2023

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