Paloma Bosquê, "Drawing / Desenho", 2020, collage, artisanal paper and acrylic paint, 21 x 29 cm

“To Dream Oneself into Existence”: Paloma Bosquê’s new solo show in Belgium

(Brussels, Belgium)

From November 26, 2022, until January 14, 2023, Mendes Wood DM presents To Dream Oneself into Existence, Paloma Bosquê’s new solo show in Belgium.

Check out below an extract of the curatorial text written by Fernanda Brenner:

“Bosquê’s work invites touch, or perhaps a ‘tactile gaze’, that has nothing to do with interactivity. Her sculptures have a haptic condition that is also the grounds to reflect on communality and togetherness from the perspective of what is boundless and impossible to attain. Togetherness is not a harmonious relation of self-enclosed things. Her work is a reminder that no being is intact. Our existence as bodies, human bodies, are merely occurrences, among other things in motion. Jacques Derrida states that the liminality of touch concerns the impossible or possible relations between objects. In other words, the concern with touch is equivalent to the concern with the limits of reality and the possibility of grasping it.

You know, one can never really touch anything; at the same time, there is no absolute isolation or disappearance. We live in this flicker. Nothing is really apart or fully in contact, and I feel Bosquê’s work, in general, embodies this aporia. Her eerie nocturnal shapes (bodies, landscapes, specters? it doesn’t matter…) seem to be doing a strange dance of learning how to share common ground: testing each other’s boundaries – and ours – only to discover that they are already adjacent.

Paloma Bosquê’s new exhibition is an ‘anti-linear’ story. In the rooms you are about to enter, there will be neither an ‘I’ that triumphs, nor a generalized universal ‘we’. Instead, a weave of materials and forms challenge preconceptions of the body and interrogate its limits, particularly in relation to interwoven folds of desire and social markers of gender and sexuality. Hers is a non-conformist tale in which yet-to-be-named characters – or beings – delve beyond the surface of meaning to reconfigure their outlines and celebrate the mysteries and contradictions of shared existence. Those willing to follow a plot will be disappointed. As I said before, my story was meant as good company to hers. This exhibition is, above all, an open invitation to let go of something. To change the lens through which you see before you come into contact with anything which you coexist with. Perhaps it is even a lullaby or, if you may, a moment to give praise to a silent mutation.”

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“To Dream Oneself into Existence”, solo show by Paloma Bosquê
From November 26, 2022, until January 14, 2023

Mendes Wood DM
13 Rue des Sablons / Zavelstraat, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Tue – Sat, 11am – 7pm
T. +32 2 502 09 64


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