Pedro Rosa

Marcelo Moscheta is invited to participate in Rivane Neuenschwander’s exhibition ‘Sementes Selvagens’

(Serralves, Portugal)

During ‘Sementes Selvagens’, Rivane Neuenschwander‘s exhibition at Parque de Serralves, in Portugal, Marcelo Moscheta presents on March 18th “O Delírio das Saúvas ou Como Descrever o Invisível”, a walk-action in the park.

“If the street becomes an arena, a place of dispute, dialogue and meeting, the walk is a call for a joint walk of dedication and trust in the other. Without the aid of vision, the journey will take place together in Serralves Park, guided by the experience of the other. On this walk, where some eyes open and others close, description, memory and utopia are given to the participants in a game that is not always perceived as usual. Inspired by the experiences of the Fluxus collective, some experiences will stimulate the senses of hearing and touch, for a synesthetic approach to the landscape and the social and environmental struggle”.

To participate, click on the link‘Eu sou uma arara’ (2022) is the film exhibited by Neuenschwander in her show, a medium-length film whose title reproduces a famous expression of the Bororo, a people who inhabit the State of Mato Grosso, in Brazil. Both Neuenschwander and Moscheta think about nature and indigenous issues in their country.

“O Delírio das Saúvas ou Como Descrever o Invisível”
Parque de Serralves, Portugal
March 18th, 2023 | 3 pm
Registrations on the link

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