This is the thirteenth bulletin announcing the names of the artists who were nominated to participate in PIPA Prize 2023. 

We kindly request that all artists listed in this bulletin – particularly those who are being nominated for the first time – please contact PIPA’s Coordination at premiopipa@premiopipa.com

The following artists have been nominated to participate in PIPA Prize 2023:

  • Alice Lara (PIPA 2020 Nominee)
  • Alexandre Bianchini
  • Coletivo Retratistas do Morro (Guilherme Cunha, Afonso Pimenta, João Mendes and Kelly Cristina)
  • Maria Vaz
  • Iagor Peres

As in the last edition, the PIPA Prize keeps its focus on more recent production, so the Nominated Artists must have had their first solo or group exhibition no longer than 15 years ago. The Prize’s goal is to be a boost for artists at the beginning of their careers, with distinguished work.

After being nominated, the artists who want to participate in the 14th edition of the PIPA Prize must send the material asked by the PIPA Prize coordination by the scheduled deadline in order to be able to run for the following awards:

  • PIPA Prize – The PIPA Prize Board will choose four artists from the nominees, amongst those who confirm their participation in PIPA Prize 2023. These four Awarded Artists will participate in a group exhibition at Paço Imperial do Rio de Janeiro. Each one will receive a donation of R$20,000.
  • PIPA Online – It happens in two rounds and each of the two most-voted artists receives a donation of R$5.000.

The nominees’ names will be published in separate bulletins to highlight each of the nominated artists.
The order of the names is random and does not indicate classification.

To know more about the thirteenth edition of the Prize, access:

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