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In this fourteenth edition of PIPA Prize, there is a total of 73 Participating Artists – of which 61 were nominated for the first time – chosen by the Nominating Committee. As the last two editions, the Prize is focused on a more recent production, being directed to artists who had their first solo or group exhibition no longer than 15 years ago. The Prize’s goal is to be a boost for artists at the beginning of their careers who develop distinguished works.

An important moment of every edition takes place with the creation of pages for each Participating Artist on the Prize’s websites (in English and in Portuguese): all artists participating have their own page, with images of works, texts, videos, information about the trajectory, among other contents. These pages that are being created now, added to the existing ones, constitute a source for research on Brazilian contemporary art, and can be later updated with the submission of more material by the artists, thus always being up to date with the new moments of each one’s production.

In addition to this content, the pages also have a videointerview offered by PIPA and carried out by the Do Rio Filmes production company, a format that allows the artists to present their work to the public in a closer and more personal way. These videos are being gradually added to their pages, as they are finished, and will be announced on the Prize’s platforms as well.

In this post, we present bellow recently created pages of PIPA 2023 Participating Artists:

Alan Oju holds a bachelor’s degree in History from the Santo André Foundation (2010) followed by a Master’s in Visual Poetics from the School of Communications and Arts – USP (2018). Alan creates interventions, photos, videos, performances, objects, paintings, and installations using cartographic techniques.

Oju spent 2013–14 taking part in the LABMIS Photography Residency at the Museu da Imagem e Som. He received the Artistic Research Scholarship from the Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade in 2014, and in 2015 he presented his first solo exhibition, “Fragmentos,” which was organized by Coletivo Ágata. In cultural institutions such as the Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR-RJ), Museu de Arte de Ribeiro Preto (MARP-SP), Museu da Imagem e do Som (MIS-SP), Centro Universitário Maria Antonia (SP), and Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo (EAC – Uruguay), among others, he took part in multiple group shows. In 2016, he received the Visualidade Nascente – Visual Arts award from the Pro-Rectory of the University of São Paulo. In 2019, he received the “Foto Única” award from the Paranapiacaba Photography Festival. In 2020, he received the Aldir Blanc and Arte Como Respiro – Audiovisual by Itaú Cultural acquisitions awards. In 2021, he received the Iniciativa Cultural prize from the Santo André city hall.

Visit the artist’s page here.


Anti-disciplinary transmedia artist who investigates the intersections between languages, codes and media. From a critical view on digitality and virtuality, biarritzzz discusses pop culture, low resolution images, meme pedagogics, the politics of error and improvisation, video game and internet aesthetics, with poetry and the moving images. She brings to the table the question of technicality versus amateurism, and science versus magic in creating realities. She has important works in video art and a long research in GIF art and live visuals, performance and videomapping, transiting between the contradictions of the white cubes and the black boxes of the dissident night of the Brazilian northeast. The artist part of collections such as Art Base (Rhizome/New Museum), Instituto Moreira Salles (IMS), MIS SP, and She has exhibited at Satélite platform (Pivô Arte e Pesquisa), A.I.R Gallery, Centro Cultural São Paulo, The Wrong Biennale, FILE, The Shed NY, Städtische Galerie Bremen, MAC Goiás, Goethe Institute Porto Alegre among others. biarritzzz is part of the body of artists of the projects Unfinished Camp and Amplify D.A.I. (Digital Arts Initiative), and is currently part of the Ventre program at Hoa Gallery.

Visit the artist’s page here.


Helô Sanvoy was born in Goiânia-GO (1985), Brazil, and nowadays he lives in São Paulo. He has a degree in Visual Arts from the Federal University of Goiás (UFG) and he holds a master’s degree in Visual Poetics at the University of São Paulo (USP). and member of the performance collective Grupo EmpreZa since 2011, in which he develops a strong research on the poetics of the body and its derivatives. As a solo artist, in his research he seeks experimentation and the combination of different materials, as well as the experimentation of processes, languages and supports.

Held solo exhibitions at: MAC/GO (2014, GO), CAL/UnB (2014, DF), Referência Art Gallery (2018, DF) and Andrea Rehder Contemporary Art (2017, 2018 and 2020, SP). It was selected for the 30th CCSP Exhibition Program (2020, SP) and for the Project Season at Paço das Artes (2022, SP). He participated in exhibitions such as: Bienal do Mercosul (2020, RS); Danger Zone (2016, PR and PE); Images That Don’t Conform (2021, RJ), and Carolina Maria de Jesus – a Brazil for Brazilians (2021, SP).

He has work in collections such as: Rio Art Museum (MAR), Rio de Janeiro-RJ; Museum of Art of Rio Grande do Sul (MARGS), Porto Alegre-RS; São Paulo Cultural Center (CCSP), São Paulo-SP; Amazonian Art Collection of the Federal University of Pará, Belém-PA; Museum of Contemporary Art of Goiás (MAC-GO), Goiânia-GO, and Museum of Photography, Fortaleza-CE.

Visit the artist’s page here.


Marina Woisky is a visual artist. Her production is based on the reproduction of images and their transformation into volumes that are on the threshold of two- and three-dimensionality. Using a specific technique — the filling of printed fabrics with cement and the juxtaposition of different materials —, she strains the boundaries between photography, painting and sculpture.

She graduated in Visual Arts from Unesp, in 2021, and participated in several exhibitions, including the 44th and 45th Art Salon of Ribeirão Preto at the Museum of Art of Ribeirão Preto, in 2019 and 2020, the year in which she also participated in the 48th Luiz Sacilotto Contemporary Art Salon in Santo André. In 2022, she participated in the group exhibitions “Desmanchar, desfaz” at Quadra Galeria in São Paulo and “Abre Alas 17” at Galeria Gentil Carioca, in Rio de Janeiro. In 2023, she participated in the exhibition “Contra-flecha: arqueia mas não quebra” at Galeria Almeida e Dale and “Still Life/Still Living” at Olhão in São Paulo, “PAURA” at Era Gallery in Milan.

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He is a visual artist and cultural worker. His production has a main focus on the search for a symbolic abstraction where the making of images happens as a way of alphabetical communication of shapes, lines and colors that can tell about individual or social references. He works with egg tempera technique, lacquer and objects.

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