Matheus Mestiço, "Flechas, sereias, cornucópia, peixes, pinhas, chifre e outros mistérios de axé!", 2022, Acrylic paint, ballpoint pen, coloured pencil and pemba powder on canvas, 102 x 67 cm

Eleven artists discuss the contemporary Brazilian identity in the group show “Afirmação”

(Paris, France)

Afirmação, the new group show at the Galerie du Jour agnès b., Paris, brings together eleven artists whose diverse practices (painting, sculpture, drawing, installation, photography, video) animate the contours of a certain contemporary Brazilian identity. Curated by William Massey, the exhibition features Anderson Borba, Vivian Caccuri, Gal Cipreste & Masina Pinheiro, Lu Ferreira, Sabrina Fidalgo, Manoela Medeiros, Matheus Mestiço, Thiago Molon, Matheus Ribs and Gabriela Sacchetto. Most of the artists are being shown for the first time in France, and most of their work was produced especially for the show.

Complex ancestry, peripheral identities, syncretism of beliefs, denunciation of the colonialist imaginary: these artists re-politicize the world to re-enchant it. What was previously concealed, hidden or denied is now shown, vigorously denounced or proudly displayed. Afirmação offers clues about this Brazilianness that becomes a place of memory and of confluence of differences, as well as a reason for resistance, liberation and celebration of bodies and ideas.

Check out excerpts from guest author Ademar Britto’s text below*:

“An important aspect of Brazilian contemporary art is its ability to provoke reflections and discussions on various social, political, historical and cultural issues, and this is present in the works in the exhibition, using various media such as video performance, photography, painting, sculpture, wall objects, dealing with different scales, techniques and languages.

[…] The exhibition shows the quality and relevance of Brazilian contemporary art, its influence in the construction of cultural identities, dialogue with the history of western art, and it reflects the inclusive changes where having a leading role in narratives is a non-negotiable urgency of this generation”.

Learn more about the show here, and check out views of the exhibition below (click on the images to expand):

*The text is available in Portuguese and French.

AFIRMAÇÃO“, group show
From June 9  to July 30, 2023

Galerie du Jour agnès b.
La Fab., Place Jean-Michel Basquiat, Paris, France
Free entry

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