Check out the two winners of PIPA Online 2023

After two rounds of voting, with 70 artists participating in the first phase and 10 artists in the second, we have the two winners of PIPA Online 2023.

The first round took place from July 31 to August 6. Among the 70 artists participating in the first round of PIPA Online 2023, ten reached at least 500 votes and were qualified for the second round: Alice LaraAndré MendesBárbara MacedoBruna AlcantaraDaiara TukanoDanielle NoronhaEdgar Kanaykõ XakriabáÉrica StorerMarcelo Camara, and Retratistas do Morro. The second round with these names begun on August 14 and ended at 11.59 pm on Sunday, August 20.

PIPA Prize congratulates the two winners, which will receive a donation of R$5,000 each. The PIPA Online modality, this virtual showcase, which seeks to be 100% democratic and decentralized, is specially relevant for the artists outside of the Rio-São Paulo area that are not represented by any gallery: through the voting, they find a way to mobilize people and, thus, to disseminate their work even more.

Once again, we remind you that PIPA Online is an award modality open to general voting, carried out over the internet, in which the public chooses two artists to receive a donation of R$5,000. Thus, PIPA Online is different from the main category of the PIPA Prize, whose winners this year – Glicéria Tupinambá, Helô Sanvoy, Iagor Peres and Luana Vitra – were selected by the PIPA Board, in a joint decision, through debate.

Check out below the winners of PIPA Online 2023:

The Retratistas do Morro collective aims to contribute to the construction of a narrative of the recent history of Brazilian images based on the understanding and recognition of the existence of the movement of photographers who lived and worked in the favelas, recording daily the ways of life of their communities over the years last 50 years.

It operates through a set of actions linked to the fields of image research, historicity, community experiences, preservation of oral and visual memory, conservation of photo archives and digital restoration, proposing reflections on the fundamental changes promoted by these photographs in current models of perception.

– See below some works by the collective, watch their videointerview for PIPA Prize, and find out even more by visiting their page here.

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André Mendes holds a degree in Graphic Design from PUC-PR. His research and production are focused on drawing, painting, sculpture, installations, and spatial interventions. He is interested in the materiality of color and its behavior as a fluid, and his work overflows and also flirts with other surfaces of the world around him – sculptural and architectural. André embraces the imprecision that permeates practices and promotes encounters and experiences between techniques and languages. Among his main solo exhibitions are “LADOS LADOS,” 2022, at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Curitiba, Brazil, where he not only exhibited but also conducted more than 10 workshops open to the public and guided tours. “Ainda não,” 2019, Matèria Gallery, Rome, Italy, “ESTADO,” 2018, Zilda Fraletti Gallery, Curitiba, Brazil, “Antes do Fim,” 2018, Cloitre des Billettes, Paris, France, Solo Project Art Basel 2016, Ricardo Fernandes Gallery, Basel, Switzerland.

André Mendes is a specialist in murals and works on projects as an artist, muralist, and art educator.

– See below some works by the artist, watch his videointerview for PIPA Prize, and find out even more by visiting his page here.

Video produced by Do Rio Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2023:

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