Colour, shape, sound and movement appear in Love Scene, Crime Scene, by Ana Mazzei

(Paris, France)

Ana Mazzei’s solo exhibition Love Scene, Crime Scene at gb agency is based upon a direct appeal to the senses by means of colour, shape, sound and movement. Firmly rooted in a studio practice, Mazzei’s work revels in its process and explores how disparate ideas and perceptions take on a physical form and materialize this state into a mise-en-scène in which sculpture acts as both actor and set piece to a quiet drama.

Her work with the same name as the show consists of an inside landscape illuminated by pale light. This somewhat theatrical setting acts as a stage for her wood sculptures to inhabit a seductively composed ambience, filled with timber sculptures, wooden reliefs, a video and sound.

This staging works as an invitation to the spectator to experience an unknown role that is reserved for them. Just like the sculptures, they are important and active participants in this fictional space – brimming with a mischievous sense of recognition.

Are we coming into a love nest? Or at an unsolved crime scene? Mazzei, for her part, does not answer these questions but rather bombards the visitor with new ones as they pop up through the malleable structure of the installation. As in life – or as in theater – the scene here never remains the same, one’s feelings are interchangeable and the experience offered by the artist always feels like a new one, constant and uninterrupted.

Anna Mazzei: Love Scene, Crime Scene
Solo show in collaboration with galeria jaqueline martins
gb agency, Paris
September 2 – 23, 2023


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