Mercedes Lachmann presents “Flecha”

(Porto, Portugal)

Mercedes Lachmann presents until October 8th, at the Museu Internacional de Escultura Contemporânea de Santo Tirso, MIEC, in Porto, Portugal, the solo show “Flecha”.

Taking the arrow as a material and conceptual element, which interconnects stories, places and times, and which dialogues with the archaeological collection of the Museu Municipal Abade Pedrosa – adjacent to the MIEC – the artist exhibits a total of fourteen pieces including sculptures, installations and videos. The works, most of which were developed specifically for this exhibition, point to enchantment, regeneration, interdependence, sensoriality and suspension.

Arrows are not just traces in Lachmann’s works, but subjects full of knowledge and stories who crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a kind of uprising of those who returned, those who stayed in Brazil or those who had never been here. Visitors are invited to listen carefully to what these works invoke.

Open until October 8th, 2023

Rua Unisco Godiniz, 100, Santo Tirso, Porto
Tuesday to Friday, 9am – 5.30pm
Saturdays and Sundays, 2pm– 7pm

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