Daniel Albuquerque presents ‘Screens Sex Love Death’

(New York, USA)

In Daniel Albuquerque‘s first solo exhibition in the United States, he presents works that use multiple mediums. These works, according to him, are ways that he considers complementary to understanding contemporary human issues common to, if not all, many people. The four words that guide the research give the title to the exhibition SCREENS SEX LOVE DEATH. The screens of cell phones, computers and tablets are elements that mediate a large part of our interactions and relationships on a daily basis. They are, therefore, tools for maintaining love and sex. As for death, it is the inevitable destiny of every living form. Finitude is what justifies and gives meaning to the moment of life. This exhibition is an immersion in very intimate issues, although they can reverberate in the public due to the familiarity of the subjects.

The works are mementos of the artist’s history transposed, transfigured and sometimes rearranged by his feelings. Cigarettes bring back the smell of his father’s apartment full of ashtrays; the cross shape of the Catholic church he was forced to attend is a very strong image; and others. Albuquerque defines the works as ‘mysterious’ because he accesses and develops these works from the belief in his intuition. From an early age he had to deal with the prohibition of being who he is and wanting what he wanted. Surviving as a queer person in a very religious family takes a lot of resilience. Life, according to this paradigm, made him suppress the feelings and operate according to a very rational logic for a long time.

Screens Sex Love Death, with Daniel Albuquerque

Freddy gallery
From September 9th to October 15th,2023
Opens Saturday, September 9th from 3-6pm

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