The PIPA Prize 2023 catalogue is available for download!

The PIPA Prize 2023 catalogue is available for download! It includes interviews with the Awarded Artists – Glicéria Tupinambá, Helô Sanvoy, Iagor Peres and Luana Vitra – by the PIPA Institute curator, Luiz Camillo Osorio. The publication, which is bilingual, also gathers exclusive critical texts about this edition’s awardees, written by Mariana Lacerda & Patricia Cornils, Rachel Vallego, Denise Ferreira da Silva, and abigail Campos Leal. Beyond that, the catalogue counts with pictures of the works and information about the 73 participating artists, among which 61 were nominated for the first time; statistics graph related to the Prize; images of the new works acquired by the PIPA Institute and of the exhibition held in Paço Imperial with the Awarded Artists of PIPA 2023.

The Prize’s catalogues can be downloaded for free in PDF format directly from the website. The presence of critical material and the efforts to improve and enrich the content of the publication at each edition reinforce PIPA’s mission of documenting and promoting Brazilian contemporary art. The idea is to make the catalogue a progressively more relevant research source about this topic. Art students, Professors, curators and critics can use this material provided by PIPA as a reference.

To download any of the PIPA Prize catalogues, enter the website’s homepage and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will reach “Downloads”, which is placed right beside “Statistics”. Then, all you have to do is click on the chosen catalogue. The download will begin automatically. Or, to download this year’s catalog, click here.

Warning: Some images freely presented in this publication, inside an artistic context, may offend people who are sensitive to the utilization of religious or sexual symbols, and are, therefore, not recommended for persons under 18.

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