Marcius Galan: Line Weight, 2017, Concrete, wool string, 38 x 200 x 100 cm. Photo Marcus Schneider, courtesy Gregor Podnar, Vienna.

Last days to see “Lingua franca”, featuring Brazilian and Slovak artists

(Bratislava, Slovakia)

The exhibition entitled “Lingua franca” presents an intergenerational dialogue between Brazilian and Slovak artists who, against the backdrop of daily life, wrest an openness and poetic reverberation while moving beyond the immense field of the spectacle. These evocative works emerged from the acute urge to relate to their surroundings with simple and subtle gestures and minimal displacements that ramify into social, ecological, historical, political, anthropological and philosophical concerns that are dilated into a time span of more than five decades.

The following artists are participating in the show: Lenora de Barros, Juraj Bartoš, Peter Bartoš, Anna Daučíková, Ľubomír Ďurček, Petra Feriancová, Marcius Galan, Július Koller, André Komatsu, Maria Noujaim, Leticia Parente, Marco Paulo Rolla, Jana Želibská.

The group show alludes to a common poetics spoken by the selected artists, but at the same time emphasizes the impossibility of these connections, not only due to the artists different cultural backgrounds, but also to the fallacy that exists when categorizing or relating said poetics, emphasizing that behind this exercise lies a subjectivity that makes it possible. The enterprise of tying together artists from different cultures will be exercised through the writing of a long narrative text in the form of first-person fiction.

The Brazilian artist and activist André Komatsu and the Slovak artist and writer Petra Feriancová developed a collaborative hybrid-museographic installation ex profeso for this context that will serve as the exhibition backbone and the embodiment of a lingua franca between two cultures; a poetic way to notice connections rather than differences, to increase our sense of empathy and shared humanity.

“Lingua franca”
Curated by Tiago de Abreu Pinto
From December 6th, 2023, to March 24th, 2024

Bratislava City Gallery
Mirbachov palác, Františkánske námestie 416/11, 811 01, Bratislava, Slovakia
Tue-Sun, 11am to 6 pm

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