‘La Pensée Férale’ traces the boundary where nature meets artifice

(New York, USA)

Mendes Wood DM presents La Pensée Férale, solo show with Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, now in Paris. It was opened firtly in New York, and now it goes to France. Mangrané’s work traces the boundary where nature meets artifice, encompassing a range of media including installations, films, sound-based works, photographs, holograms and sculptures. Organic elements often serve as integral components and include branches, leaves, insects and most recently, dogs. Mangrané creates environments that undermine the traditional divides between nature and human aesthetics. Such intertwined environments question prevailing binary thinking, in terms of nature and culture as well as subjects and objects.

The titular work, La Pensée Férale (2020), was conceived in collaboration with the Brazilian philosopher Juliana Fausto, who contributed texts presented alongside seven photographs found throughout the gallery’s first floor. Each photograph centers on the eye of a dog situated among the vegetation of the Tijuca National Park in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro. The accompanying texts tell the story of the reforestation of the land in 1861 through enslaved labor and the current plague of stray dogs that disrupt its ecosystem. La Pensée Férale calls into question our understanding of ferality and what would be our domesticated thought if it managed to go feral.

La Pensée Férale presents an environment in and of itself, bridging dichotomies between nature and technology, sculpture and installation, anthropogenic and symbiotic. Mangrané’s interventions, marked by both their precision and organic origins, work in partnership with his larger gestures, taking a phenomenological approach to the gallery space in its entirety, embracing the bodily experience of visitors in the space.

La Pensée Férale
From April 5th to May 26th, 2024

Mendes Wood DM Paris
25 Place des Vosges
75004 Paris France

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