PIPA Institute Conversation: Lucrécia Vinhaes, Vivian Caccuri, Luana Vitra, Vitória Cribb, Alexia Carpilovsky and Carla Oliveira

PIPA Archive: watch the conversation with Luana Vitra, Vitória Cribb and Vivian Caccuri about processes, poetics and trajectories

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Today, we’ve selected the video of the conversation held by the PIPA Institute on September 12, 2023, at Paço Imperial, with the artists Luana Vitra, Vitória Cribb and Vivian Caccuri, on the theme “The construction of the artist: development of poetics, encounter with materials”. The event, which was free and open to the public, brought together several people to hear the artists share more about their careers, including the relationship and choice of materials they use and the themes they explore, addressing their research and experience of the artistic field.

The event was organized and curated by members of the PIPA team – Lucrécia Vinhaes and Alexia Carpilovsky – in partnership with artistic director Carla Oliveira, one of the members of the PIPA 2023 Nominating Committee. Lucrécia, founder of the PIPA Institute, opened the meeting, and Alexia and Carla mediated.

The full video of the conversation is available below, but you can also watch it directly on the PIPA Prize YouTube channel. This conversation is also available as an episode of the PIPA Podcast. Listen to the episode now here on the website or on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple podcast. The content is available only in Portuguese.

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