PIPA Prize 15 years: testimony by Vitória Cribb, artist awarded in 2022 and member of the Board

The PIPA Prize is celebrating its 15th anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, we invited some people who are part of this history to record testimonies about this trajectory.

Vitória Cribb was one of the PIPA 2022 Awarded Artists, participating in an exhibition at Paço Imperial in Rio de Janeiro alongside Coletivo Coletores, Josi and UÝRA. She is also a guest member of the PIPA 2024 Board, the Prize’s highest management body, responsible for coordinating its decisions and of the PIPA Institute, as well as the selection process for the members of the Nominating Committee.

A graduate of the School of Industrial Design at the State University of Rio de Janeiro, the daughter of a Haitian father and a Brazilian mother, Cribb uses the digital environment as a medium to express her investigations and reflections that are crossed by her subconscious, while investigating social behavior in the face of the development of new visual information technologies in contemporary society. A central point in the works developed by the artist in recent years is the transposition of her thinking through the immateriality present in the digital format, and several of her works feature 3D avatars developed digitally and adapted for display on physical supports, either through screens, projections or transformed into sculptural objects.

In September last year, Vitória took part in a conversation organized by the PIPA Institute at Paço Imperial together with Luana Vitra and Vivian Caccuri. At the event, the artists shared more about their careers, including the relationship with and choice of materials they use and the themes they explore, addressing their research. Read more about the conversation and watch the full video recording here. The audio is available as an episode of the PIPA Podcast – listen to the episode here on the Portuguese version of the website or access it on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple podcast.

In her testimony celebrating PIPA’s 15 years, Vitória wishes the Prize long life, expresses her affection for the PIPA team, and emphasizes:

“[…] the importance of an award in a country like Brazil, having as its main strength boosting the work of various Brazilian artists. It’s important not only for the PIPA Prize to exist, but also for other institutions to be able to foster and support artists at the beginning of their careers. I understand that for me the PIPA Prize was one of the main steps for my work not only to take off, but also to reach other places, reach other researchers, and allow me to exchange with different researchers around the world. […] May we expand and also think about other possibilities for the future.”

Find out more about Vitória by visiting her page.

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