Vitória Cribb participates in “Playing entity”

(Graz, Austria)

Vitória Cribb, member of the PIPA Board, and other two artists open the exhibiton “Playing entity” at Esc Medien KUNST Labor, in Austria. They open up playful access to new visual worlds and play with realities – from prehistoric times to the present and cyberspace.

“Vigilance. Deviation of attention. Digital bodies x digital presence. Immateriality x materiality” are some of the topics addressed by the group show. Vigilant avatars watch the movements of others in cyberspace, remaining calm and distant, observing who is watching and admiring them. They take on different forms when listening and watching others via screens.

The exhibition is open from April 4th to May 3rd, 2024.

Esc Medien KUNST Labor
Working hours:
tue-fri, from 2pm to 7 pm 


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