Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro, Image credit: the artist and Mendes Wood DM, São Paulo, Paris, Brussels, New York. Photo: Rafael Segatto

“A linguagem dos anjos”: solo show by Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro explores non-linear relationships with language

(Brussels, Belgium)

Mendes Wood DM presents, until August 10, 2024, A linguagem dos anjos, the first solo exhibition by multidisciplinary artist Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro, who was one of the Awarded Artists of PIPA Prize 2021, in Brussels. This exhibition is a culmination of recent explorations and revelations the artist experienced during a long excursion in the Moroccan desert. Bringing together installations, sculptures, ceramics, paintings, and videos, the show explores non-linear relationships Vitorino Brasileiro maintains with language and non-canonical philosophies.

While expressing political, aesthetic, and relational ideas through acts of speaking, listening, and writing, Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro’s work also widely stems from the need to exist outside human logics based on expectations. A linguagem dos anjos toward nonlinear communication that breaks with human logic concerning time and space, focusing on spiritual, encrypted, and universal forms of communication. Further, understanding the body as a transient terrain of intelligence and experiences, the works of the exhibition unfold a sort of unknown, elemental, often embodied, alphabet that plays with the spatiotemporality and universality of communications.

Relying on themes of encryption and universality, the title A linguagem dos anjos [The Language of Angels] alludes to Enochian, a language with similarities to English and Semitic languages like Hebrew and Arabic, purportedly revealed through experiments to late 16th-century linguists and astrologers in the Elizabethan court. For Vitorino Brasileiro, the cryptic language raises questions about alterity and the contours of universality in the forms of communication she explores across multiple levels and mediums.

A linguagem dos anjos, whose stories oscillate between solitary reflections and broader gestures of renewal, is akin to a heroic journey that destroys and builds possibilities in the world. Through this conceptual cycle, Vitorino Brasileiro unveils natural sensations as geographical and bodily spaces, countering human regionalisms and Cartesian understandings of experiences on Earth.

Read the full exhibition text and access the exhibition booklet here.

“A linguagem dos anjos”, solo show by Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro
From May 30 until August 10, 2024

Mendes Wood DM Brussels
13 Rue des Sablons / Zavelstraat 1000 Brussels, Belgium
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