"Strangers at dawn" por João Trevisan com RX&SALG Paris, Exhibition views of «Strangers at Dawn» by João Trevisan at RX&SLAG Paris, © Théo Pitout.

“Strangers at dawn”: João Trevisan presents Brazilian landscapes and minimalist abstractions

(Paris, France)

RX&SLAG presents João Trevisan in his very first European exhibition “Strangers at dawn”, from May 4 to June 8, 2024. Organized by Simon Watson, the show consists of two bodies of oil and encaustic paintings: mountainous landscapes and minimalist abstractions. Darkly brooding, yet ethereally glowing, the two bodies of work are mediations on very different geographic terrain: the flat plateau of Brazil’s capital Brasília where he was born and lives, and the mountainous territory of Minas Gerais where his grandparents lived and he would visit as a child.

The two João Trevisan painting series presented at the exhibition, Paisagem and Intervalos, are made in a painstaking process of applying and burnishing layer upon later of oil and encaustic, resulting in a sensual surface in which natural light seems to be captured and refracted. Numerous references to contemporary as well as historical painting come to mind, but their sensual and brooding presence is so very contemporary.

“Strangers at dawn”
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