Awarded Artists of PIPA 2022 exhibition view, Photo: Fabio Souza

PIPA Archive: Watch the video of the guided visit at the PIPA 2022 Awarded Artists Exhibition

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For this week, we’ve selected the video of the guided visit at the PIPA 2022 Awarded Artists exhibition that took place at Paço Imperial in Rio de Janeiro, featuring Coletivo Coletores, Josi, UÝRA, and Vitória Cribb, chosen among the 61 artists participating in that edition by the PIPA Board.

In the recording, produced by Do Rio Filmes, three of the Awarded Artists, accompanied by the PIPA Institute’s curator, Luiz Camillo Osorio, and the Institute’s founder and coordinator, Lucrécia Vinhaes, tell the public about the works on display in the show, discussing the techniques used and the research they are carrying out – UÝRA was unable to attend the opening, but her work was addressed in the curator’s speech. The works are materialize through projections, videomapping, photography, black bean water on fabric, ceramic sculptures and more, exploring both crafts that have been taught for generations and digital techniques using the latest technologies. When the winners were announced, Luiz Camillo Osorio shared: “Above all, we see in these artists a poetic and political engagement with the peripheral universe and with an ecological and social experimentation that integrates the human with all proliferating forms of life.”

Find out more about the PIPA 2022 Awarded Artists by visiting their pages and downloading the PIPA 2022 catalogue, which contains various materials on each of the four, including biographies, images of their works, an exclusive critical text and an interview with Luiz Camillo Osorio. Several works by the four artists are now part of the PIPA Institute’s collection.

Check out a few exhibition views (photos: Fabio Souza)


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