assume vivid astro focus (avaf) participates in an exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of Kemnade International

“DIE VERHÄLTNISSE ZUM TANZEN BRINGEN” [making the situation dance]
50th anniversary of Kemnade International,
featuring assume vivid astro focus (avaf)
From April 27 until September 8, 2024

Bochum Art Museum
Kortumstraße 147, Bochum, Germany
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and public holidays: 10 a.m. — 5 p.m
Wednesday: 12 a.m. — 8 p.m

The Bochum Art Museum is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Kemnade International, a festival launched in 1974 that not only focused on music and art, literature and dance, but also on networking and the knowledge of many. It became an outstanding example of the rich culture of the region, which has long been shaped by migrants. What remains of the utopia of that time? Which stories still need to be told, which dances still need to be danced? With artists from different generations, including assume vivid astro focus (avaf), and former festival participants, the organizing team looked from today into the living history of the festival.

For the event, the large exhibition space became a platform for polyphonic sounds and memories, with suggestions for a new way of living together and a critical look at the present. How can a dialogue between the generations succeed and what does solidarity mean today? And how much festival fits into a museum space? Based on the logic of a festival site, things happen there alongside and with each other. With playable instruments, installations, film and archive materials, the exhibition is an invitation to come together again and make the situation dance today. The Museum’s website shares: “And stop by the roof terrace, it will be a party!”.

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