Clara Moreira, "Criar asas I", 2023, coloured pencil drawing on paper, 1.30×1.85m, photo by Robson Lemos

Check out the 2nd bulletin of the 6th day of PIPA Online 2024

PIPA Online 2024 has started! Check out below the updated score of the first round, with the 50 artists that decided to participate in the voting. The artists who reach 500 votes until July 7th will be qualified for the second round.

To vote, it’s simple: by clicking the “vote” button on the selected artist’s page, the visitor must enter their email, to where a verification code will be sent. After copying and pasting the code into the voting window on the site, you will need to confirm a captcha (a simple security question) and then your vote is registered!

Once you have validated your email on the first vote, you do not have to redo the email verification process for the other two required votes – simply enter the page of the chosen artists and click “vote” that your vote will be automatically registered.

Warning: votes identified as coming from robot accounts won’t be validated, and will be deleted from the counting.

*For a vote to be validated, you must vote for at least 3 artists*


Attention: three bulletins showing the scoreboards will be posted each day, at 10 am, 2 pm, and 6 pm.

(These are the votes registered at 1.47 pm)

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